Grahame Blakey May 17, 2018

Here at Loxodrome, as you might expect, we truly believe in the power of GIS and all things geospatial. But, believe it or not, not everyone shares our geocentric view of the world. So how do you reach the great geo-unconverted masses? Well, we would like to advocate a “take the GIS to the people” approach (as opposed to bring the people to the GIS) – by integrating geospatial content with SharePoint.

Real GIS Maps in SharePoint

How do we change this? Well, one way is to leverage the power of the latest release of Esri’s ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint plugin. We have been busy working with version 5.0 and have found that we can quickly and effectively embed web map services directly into SharePoint pages. This allows us to bring business context mapping (from our corporate “single source of the truth” geo-database) directly to the desktops of the masses. In this example we have taken the fantastic open data WMS from the New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals authority to display well, seismic, field, licensing, infrastructure data etc. Any SharePoint user (which in many cases is everyone in your organisation) can now enjoy easy and ready access to your geospatial data with simple point, click, pan, zoom and interrogate functionality.

I can find my SharePoint documents direct from the map

And here is the even greater bit, you can use the ArcGIS Map app part to quickly locate documents stored in your SharePoint site collection via your maps. So, for example, with some background geotagging, you could click on a well location to access the final drilling report, or a seismic line to access the licence agreement document, or a pipeline to discover the associated ullage data. Real business insight, real business value, real GIS, accessed in an environment where real people do the majority of their day-to-day work – SharePoint.

Contact us to discover how we would help you deliver geospatially enabled business insight directly into your SharePoint pages, and have a read of Brian Taylor's LinkedIn post post on the importance of this knowledge management and retention.

Download our white paper, or read on in the Fun With FME post

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